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The Age of Aquarius is upon us, the Age of Information has quietly translated itself into the Age of Communication and the pace of change is, of course driven by the all-reaching, all-seeing, omnipresent power of the Internet.

One hundred years ago, the whole notion of ‘community’ was a local, neighbourly affair – literally face-to-face, over-the-fence contact. Now, while we talk blithely about it being a ‘small world’, with technology facilitating virtually instant communication with other side of the globe, it is the concept of genuine ‘community’ that has suffered. We are closer – yes. But in many senses we are further apart than ever.

It is for this reason, perhaps, that the ‘Blog’ has become an increasingly important tool for many in the sharing of ideas, the building of person-to-person contacts, and the creation of real as well as virtual ‘Communities’.

So, what is a blog?
In essence, it is web-space which permits dialogue, interaction, reaction, and ongoing comment. It can be a form of e-journal or diary, and for those who need a Hyde Park corner soap box, it is the opportunity to rant and rave at will. For others, their blog is quiet reflective, philosophical space. More than a forum, for many the blog becomes a living, breathing expression of where they stand in the world, and how they feel about critical issues. In the hands of the media, the blog can be a powerful message for political and social change and ‘hot off the press’ news.

Visitors can post comments, link to, add to, or just read on a weekly, daily, hourly basis. As an example, it is used extensively on journalism sites for breaking news etc.

A blog site offers brilliant communication opportunities for:

  • Community Groups
  • Sporting Groups
  • Schools
  • Associations
  • Religious Groups
  • Clubs of all descriptions
  • Personal Blogs (Family Groups, whose members may be spread throughout the world)
  • Media entities
  • Business to Business
  • eBusiness, eMarketing, eCommerce, Multi Level Marketing
  • Science & Technology
  • Special Interest Groups....
Talking of cost, you can trial your own blog site for no cost whatsoever until 1 August, 2006. Thereafter, the investment is just $3.95AUD per month (not even covering the cost for a Cappuccino) and that includes hosting, all the web space you need, technical development and ongoing support.

Start Blogging Now Within Minutes!

Enjoy and Good Luck With Your New Blogsite!

Latest News

We have extended our FREE blog account setup till 1 August 2006 on this Google PR5 Site.

17 May 2006:
A chatroom where users can chat with each other is also on the drawing board.

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