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Im in New Zealand for two weeks

07:21, Thursday 27 July 2006 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hello all,

Well the flight went well I started off at the brisbane airport and managed to get into the Qantas Club lounge while waiting to board the plane, thanks to a good friend of mine. I had food and drinks and even took a stash on the plane with me.

The flight was good a little bumpy while we climbed but ok after that. I arrive just after midnight NZ time where I was met by family and friends. We then drove2.5 hours to Tauranga where I am at the moment www.tauranga.co.nz  I have been to visit a few friends and in the city. There have been a few changes but I think overall the same.

Well I am off to Putaruru today to sort some boxes but I have some photos in the photo section


Bye for now

One Week to GO

06:54, Tuesday 18 July 2006 .. 1 comments .. Link

Hello all


Yes only 1 week to go and I am off to NZ for two weeks. I have not been home in 4 years so it will be good to catch up with Family and friends all over the place. I am on a standby seat to get on the plane so if there is no spare seat i have to try and catch the next one, so that will be fun.

My best friend from home and my mum will be picking me up at we will get back home around midnight. Will spend the days in TGA, and visit people and my old workplaces and see what has changed around the City. Next over to my Nana and Grans to catch up and go through stuff stuff left there when I shifted.

Then is is off down to Taupo to catch up with more family. Back to TGA after that. On the last few days I will hire a little car and Go via Hamilton to Auckland and catch up with friends on the way. I plan to do the vertigo climb when in Auckland. www.4vertigo.com

Well I better get back to work

Talk again soon

Narco (Mike ~8)

Doh lost what i typed

09:34, Friday 7 July 2006 .. 0 comments .. Link

Well I know not to click that button as I just lost what i typed

In short,

Revoultion concert at Church was awesome

Going on a motorbike ride down the coast tomorrow

Work has been crazy this week

Getting excited as going home in a few weekd for a Holiday

The New House

11:39, Saturday 17 June 2006 .. 0 comments .. Link

Hello all

Long time no type, well we have shifted into the new place in Jamboree Heights, the drive way is steep. I lifted the front wheel on the bike going up it the other night. We have all the rooms pretty much sorted, lounge room, kitchen and bedrooms. For four guys the place is actually pretty tidy. We are going to have a small house warming soon. We have no internet yet so I am updating this form work while on the night shift, pretty quite at the moment. I am giong home in July for two weeks so looking forward to that. My brother just had his birthday, I got him some DVD's and shouted Thai for tea. We also got a cake from the Cheesecake Shop, which went down very easily. Not too much else happening at the moment just busy at work and setting up at home. Finishing at 6am this morning. Will go home and sleep for a little while, then get up and go to church then go back to sleep. Well just a short update for now, catch up with you all again soon.


07:44, Saturday 3 June 2006 .. 1 comments .. Link
Well hello to all who read this, hope you are having a good day, this is the first entry of many to come.I am a Kiwi (proud of it) and currently living in Australia enjoying the warm sunny winter, although i have been here 4 years and have aclimatised. I used to live in Tauranga New Zealand with my family. Used to do all the usual stuff like movies work going out with friends. I decided it was time for a change of scenary. I first shifted to my dads place in brisbane where I got a job at Harvey Norman. I had only started there for a couple of weeks and they signed me up for a computer course government paid even. I met some good friends ( or mates as you say it here). I stayed there for two years then changed to my current job at IBM brisbane. I am a Remote Technical Specialist (call centre). I started looking after desktops ans laptops and have recently changed to the servers. And they think i know what I am doing. :) But I have just applied for some time off to go back to NZ for a holiday in end of July. Well thats enough of work talk. For social I go riding on my motor bike on the weekends (97 Suzuki GSX R-600) go out with friends and Church. I am just shifting house this weekend coming to a bigger place where there will be 4 guys in the one place. should be good or interesting depends on your point of view. In the house will be myself my brother Glen, my good friends brother Caleb and my current friend and flatmate Andrew. Glen and Caleb do web programming and usual computer stuff and Andrew is a School Chaplin. I am a Christian and go to church on sunday morning and Sunday nights some of the time. We have one church in 3 locations. www.metro-church.org At church I help with the camera in the morning and part of the congregation at night. Once a month we have metro events we we go on bike rides, rock climbing, surfing etc, check the website if you want to join in. Well thats all i have for now, keep posted for more insights to whats happening over here.

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