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Perhaps you have gained a few extra kilos, or perhaps you have not lost all the weight you planned to over the previous year(s). Maybe the doctor informed you your cholesterol is too high, or that you are developing some elevated blood pressure. You may have concerns that you are at high risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. All of these thoughts most likely bring you back to the fact that you have just not taken care of yourself as well as you had hoped or planned.

Maybe this year will be different? Or maybe as in years past, your best intentions will quickly fail to materialize.

What diet will it be this time?

Even though diets have never been effective in the past, most people gravitate back to some sort of fad diet or old diet they have relied upon before, usually without success, for their solution. Many convince themselves that trying harder will produce better results this year. Well, the fact or truth of the matter is this - no matter which diet you chooses to follow, it will fail 98% of the time.

Consider all the time, money, and energy spent adhering to a diet, in an attempt to lose some weight, and all you can expect is a meager 2% chance of success.  

Why Diets Don’t Work

The reason is, no matter which one you contemplate, diets are a short-term solution to a ong-term problem. Anytime we hear that friends are going on a diet there is always an air of healthy schepticism. It is also implied that sometime in the future they would be going off that diet. Often diets fail due to the tremendous amount of willpower required. Whenever you rely on willpower, you will generally not do very well.

Diets also fail because many eliminate, or dramatically limit, a major macronutrient like carbohydrates or fats. Such diets are out of balance, and, sooner or later, our bodies begin craving the nutrients they have been denied. The most significant reason diets don’t work is because diets do not address the major underlying cause of weight gain, which is insulin resistance. So what is the answer to this obesity epidemic that will allow us not only to lose weight but to lose it permanently?

Your Metabolism

The main reason we are in the midst of the current obesity and diabetes epidemic is the fact that our bodies are just not as sensitive to our own insulin as they once were. Because of our inactivity and poor eating habits, we have become less and less sensitive to our own insulin. The body responds to this problem by actually making more and more insulin. As insulin levels rise to compensate for this insulin insensitivity, or insulin resistance, blood pressure goes up, bad cholesterol goes up, and good cholesterol goes down. The body experiences significantly more and more inflammation and begins to gain a tremendous amount of weight around the middle. At this point an individual becomes a very high risk candidate for developing both heart disease and diabetes. As the body “tips over” into this abnormal metabolic state, it holds on to fat like a sponge holds on to water. The fat burning hormones are essentially turned off, and, regardless of effort weight cannot be lost effectively.

Over 25% of the adult population in the US, Canada, and Australia already has full-blown insulin resistance and another 25% is on the path to developing it. Many children have also developed insulin resistance, and many have already developed Type 2  Diabetes, or what used to be known as adult-onset diabetes. This is why so many people have this problem. They are extremely frustrated because no matter what they try they cannot lose weight.

The answer to this diabetes and obesity epidemic is found by fully understanding and attacking the underlying problem insulin resistance - with the result that, while living in the ‘land of plenty’, it finds us literally growing addicted to certain carbohydrates that quickly spike our blood sugar, with enormous detriment to our health.

Carbohydrate Addiction

What most people call cravings or emotional eating is really a carbohydrate addiction and the result of spiking blood sugar by eating high glycemic carbohydrates. These are foods that spike our blood sugar faster than spooning sugar on to our tongues. High-glycemic carbohydrates include common foods such as bread, bagels, cereals, chips, crackers, pretzels, potatoes, ricecakes, rice, sugar and white flour.

Alarmingly, medical studies show that over 85% of the carbohydrates consumed in the western world today are considered high-glycemic. Eating high-glycemic foods rapidly raises and over stimulates the release of insulin. Insulin’s primary job is to transport blood sugar into the cell where it is utilized to create energy, or to be stored as fat or glycogen. This (process) drives the blood sugar level back down just as fast as it went up; however, it generally drops back into alow blood sugar range or hypoglycemic range. This state of low blood sugar then stimulates the release of our stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, to drive the lowered blood sugar back up to normal. Even though the blood sugar will eventually return to normal, these high levels of stress hormones in our blood stream now leaves us with an uncontrollable hunger, the need to eatagain, and usually craving another high-glycemic meal or snack. The vicious cycle starts all over again leading to overeating and what I refer to as the carbohydrate addiction.

Insulin Resistance First Begins in the Muscle

Over time the muscle becomes insulin resistant and just can’t utilize all the calories from our meals and snacks. Therefore, many calories are diverted to the fat cells of the abdomen where they are stored as fat. Once a person “tips over” into this abnormal metabolic state known as insulin resistance, a calorie is no longer a calorie. The muscles are unable to utilize calories normally and many of the calories are diverted to the fat cells of our abdomen and are converted into fat by these high insulin levels. Although eating habits and activity levels remained unchanged, an unusual amount of weight begins to settle around the abdomen. One of the hallmark signs marking the development of insulin resistance is the fact that you cannot lose weight, no matter what you do.

The only hope is to RESET your body and reverse this underlying insulin resistance so that you can “tip back” into a normal metabolic state. When this happens, the body is then able to release all its excessive fat that has been stored around the mid-section. The  only way this can be accomplished is by developing permanent healthy lifestyles that improves sensitivity to one’s insulin.

Over the past 10 years in Dr Strand's medical practice, he has been able to accomplish this goal through the Healthy 4 Life Program. This program allows you to firmly establish new, healthier lifestyles that improveinsulin sensitivity. It consists of a healthy diet that does not spike blood sugar (combining those good low-glyemic carbohydrates, good fat, and good proteins), a modest consistent exercise program, and what I refer to as high quality cellular nutrition. His patients never went hungry, described increased focus and energy, and they lost weight permanently as their blood pressure and cholesterol levels improved. The key factor related to these successful benefits is the fact that this is NOT A DIET, but instead, a behavioral modification program.  Our lifestyles, especially our eating habits, are very well ingrained. Much of our eating is subconscious or in other words, we don’t give much thought to eating. To ensure any chance of successfully improving one’s lifestyle habits (thereby protecting health) requires a shift toward a greater awareness and a commitment to making positive changes. The Healthy 4  Life Program is the tool which provides the road map, or game plan, for your making the necessary changes successfully. I want to share with you the keys of why this program has been so successful for so many people who had previously only experienced failure every time they challenged themselves by dieting.

This is a 15 month, interactive, internet program. The program will evaluate, educate, motivate, and document  your progress throughout this program. You will receive daily emails from along with weekly trainings the first 12 weeks of the program and weekly emails and monthly advanced trainings the last 12 months. Those who complete the program experience permanent weight loss 80 to 90% of the time. This is a significantly higher percentage of the 2 to 3% success rate that diets have to offer.



The best way to start the Program is with an intensive RESET kit. Immediate health benefits will follow as the body reverses insensitivity to its own insulin. From this tremendous 5-day start, it is imperative to move on to Phase 1 of the Healthy 4 Life Program located at

Phase 1 of the Healthy 4 Life Program

In Phase 1, you continue to substitute two meals and one snack daily using Usana’s MacroOptimizers. Additionally, you have one regular low-glycemic meal and one regular lowglycemic snack. You should never go hungry or miss any meals. If you are hungry, simply eat another low-glycemic meal or snack. In Phase 1, you also need to avoid all sugar, white flour, bread, cereals, rice, pasta, and potatoes –all the dangerous foods that spike blood sugar and can quickly set off carbohydrate addiction again. Dr Strand has found that people need to stay with Phase 1of the program until they are well on their way to seeing their personal health and weight goals.

The interactive, online Healthy 4 Life Program is essential for your success. You are assigned your own personal Lifestyle Journal, which is automatically graded, for you to record exactly how you are eating, exercising, and taking your supplements. Journaling takes very little time and provides the valuable step for bringing awareness to many unconscious lifestyle behaviors and makes them conscious behaviors. It is amazing to see what happens when you consistently recall and record how you are eating. You become aware of lifetime eating habits and finally begin to manage them. Over the 15 months of the program, better lifestyles choices will become a way a life, more and more spontaneous without the need for much thought to them. Better lifestyle choices recorded regularly and repeated over time will establish true long-term healthy lifestyle habits.

Dr Strand recommends that you sign up for the Healthy 4 Life Program under a Certified Team Leader. He has personally certified every team leader to offer you an extra measure of tremendous personal support as you make changes in your lifestyle. Given your permission, your team leader will have access to your personal Lifestyle Journal and serve as an encourager and guide. The team leader will not have access to any personal medical information. You’ll find the relationship between participantand team leader adds an amazing aspect of accountability fostering success. Team leaders also extend to you a 20% discount on the Healthy 4 Life Program of your choice (Self-Directed or the Coached Program).

Phase 2 of the Healthy for Life Program

Once well on your way to achieving your health and weight goals, you move on to Phase 2 of the Healthy for Life Program. Here you will only replace one meal and one snack using Usana’s MacroOptimizers each day, and you will eat two regular low-glyemic meals and one regular lowglycemic snack. Again if you are hungry, simply eat another low-glycemic meal or snack. You will also begin adding back those good, lower glycemic breads, cereals, rice, pasta, and potatoes.

You will receive weekly emails from me along with monthly advanced trainings during the last 12 months of this program. Rest assured that success is not based upon perfection, but instead it is based upon one’s honesty with self. In fact,the participants in our 2 clinical trials only had to do the program 80% of the time to experience tremendous results!

Why a 15 Month Program?

It is critical to understand why this is a 15 month program. Many people become discouraged when they think about doing this program for an entire 15 months. Well, since this is not a diet, but instead healthy lifestyles that you need to be doing for the rest of your life, it takes 15 months to firmly establish these lifestyles. As mentioned earlier, the main reason diets fail is because theyare short-term solutions for a long-term problem.

If you are going to have any chance of permanent weight loss, while significantly, and simultaneously, decreasing your risks of heart disease and diabetes, these new healthier lifestyles need deserved time to become a way of life. Remember the 98% failure rate associated with any diet; however, 80% to 90% of the participants who complete the Healthy 4 Life Program experience permanent weight loss.

We strongly believe that you will prefer placing your time and effort in a program that can improve your success by an amazing 78% to 88%! All of the participants in our latest clinical trial, using the Usana products, the online Healthy 4 Life Program, and under the guidelines of the FDA, were very pleased with their results. They stated, “What is so hard about never going hungry, feeling great, having more energy, losing weight permanently, and having health parameters improve?” In fact, the group’s blood pressures dropped an average of 10 points, bad cholesterol levels dropped an average of 17%, and triglyceride levels dropped an average of 20%. Individuals averaged a 13 pound weight loss and a waist reduction of 2½ inches in just 12  weeks. Overall insulin sensitivity improved and group members “tipped back” into a normal metabolic state as they began releasing fat.

Look at the overview of the program and take the web site tour and the free and confidential automated “Health Risk Assessment” located on the home page of the web site and see if you already have any indication of insulin resistance. David Lark who is one of the program's Certified Team Leaders - he can share more program details and will provide you with a unique code so that you can sign up with a 20% discount. He will also be providing you with very important support and encouragement trhroughout the program. be most pleased to help you RESET YOUR LIFE and METABOLISM - allowing you to lose your weight permanently as you protect or regain your health.

We would

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Your health says it is worth at least a look?

Diets don’t work !!!!!!!

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